We at Shetewy Pay invest substantial time and resources in the latest security protocols and technologies. It is our highest priority to create and maintain a secure environment so you can access your account and manage your financial transactions with peace of mind. All our connections are encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) with version v1.2. We have implemented encryption of all data in rest.

Data Protection

During your registration with Shetewy Pay, you, the account owner, will be prompted to select and enter a personal password to provide a first line of defense for your account. Only you are involved in the selection process, and you can update your password in the future whenever you wish. Passwords are encrypted and inaccessible to anyone inside Shetewy Pay. We can not retrieve any password as they stored in an irreversible cryptographic hash. All data storages are not accessible to the outside/internet and are protected within our Virtual Private Network.

All of your personal data, as well as each transaction, is protected by strong encryption that makes data unreadable. Once we receive your information, it is protected within our network by secured firewalls. Every access to our application is secured by a session that is invalidated in case of unauthorized access or after a certain time of inactivity.

All data is backed up continuously. In addition to electronic protections, Shetewy Pay has implemented procedures to protect the physical security and integrity of all data. We are constantly updating our protocols to prevent losses to our facilities through fire, physical theft and accidents. Every access point, either hardware or software related, is protected by secured firewalls and virus detection systems which eliminate tampering and hacking. Along with our IT staff continually reviewing our systems and applying software patches to close any potential breaches in security, our systems undergo a mandatory annual and comprehensive PCI audit.

Hosting Data Centers

Shetewy Pay and all its services are hosted and managed within the AWS’ (Amazon Web Services) secure data centers. These centers all come with certain certifications: SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE16/ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001. All services are only accessible from our Virtual Private Cloud (AWS VPC). We are using the available AWS services to protect data privacy and control access to our entire network. Learn more by visiting AWS compliance center

Latest versions and security patches

Shetewy Pay is working continuously to have the latest version of software and security patches installed.

Fraud and Scams

At Shetewy Pay, every transaction is heavily guarded behind our firewalls and sophisticated anti-hacking techniques. We monitor each and every transaction to prevent fraud, identity theft, phishing encounters, and other attacks. Once a probable attack is identified, our dedicated teams of security specialists investigate the source and take precautions to protect your account, as well as those of other account holders.


‍Shetewy Pay's system, servers, and networks are secured by various firewalls which are regularly checked and updated. All other systems, servers, and networks are protected and limited to our internal network. Only authorized personnel have access to our server infrastructure. The access is secured through VPN and 2FA "2-factor authentication".

Penetration and vulnerability scans

Shetewy Pay's system is regularly audited and tested by a third-party security company who conducts penetration tests to identify any vulnerabilities. We are also using security tools to check for vulnerabilities of our code. Each upcoming risk is reported, classified, and promptly fixed and patched. Learn more about any reported incidents or issues by visiting Status Page

Email Notifications about account Usage

You will receive email notifications from Shetewy Pay when updating your account information or for additional normal business. If any unusual account activity is detected, you will receive an email from us detailing the transaction. Should you not recognize this transaction, you will be provided an option to contact our support department night or day.

Data segregation and data access

All Shetewy Pay accounts and data of each customer are separated by unique IDs. Our customer support team will only access a customer's account after a clear request by the customer. The Knowledge base and support ticket system is separated from the active Shetewy Pay account, to allow the customer's team to easily sumbit support tickets without the need to actually login to the active Shetewy Pay account.

Suspected Phishing Attempts or Other Suspicious Emails

If you receive a suspected ‘phishing’ email, spam, or other suspicious emails claiming to be from Shetewy Pay please do not click on any links or answer it. Instead, forward it to our customer support and a Shetewy Pay representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

When you forward the suspicious message, add the phrase “Suspected Phishing Email” to the subject. To do this in Outlook, for example, select the message and choose ‘forward’, change the subject line to “Suspected Phishing Email” and send. Other email and browser applications are similar.

Requests regarding security

If you have questions regarding the security of Shetewy Pay, please contact our security team via [email protected]

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