Shetewy Pay minimizes the number of steps customers need to take during checkout. It is designed to process Wussla. Shetewy Pay allows buyers to pay using Vodafone Cash instantly using secure Wussla App!

In-Context Shetewy Pay helps increase conversion rates by providing an easy way to receive payments online. The simplified design allows shoppers to quickly pay with just one or her two clicks without leaving your website for a secure and seamless checkout. By providing a consistent experience across computers, tablets, and smartphones, your customers can rely on trusted payment methods across devices. Hassle free!

Comprehensive security technologies such as PCI-DSS compliance, tokenization, and 3D Secure capabilities are applied to each merchant transaction to ensure secure payment processing. Deploy data encryption and add an extra layer of protection to avoid sophisticated fraud, compromise of sensitive data, and fraud. Effectively detect and combat advanced threats and reduce the number of declined online payment attempts by consumers.

Banking. Simplified.

Improved infrastructure, every day!

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