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Mattgur is an approved e-commerce platform by Maarouf Saudi Arabia, with activations processed via the "Abshir" Platform and Saudi Ministry of Commerce.

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Shetewy Pay, a registered UK fintech company, offers software and information technology solutions for businesses to establish e-commerce websites. With over 13 years of experience, the Shetewy Pay team provides world-class services to national and global e-commerce companies. Shetewy Pay is part of Shetewy Ventures.
Shetewy Pay e-commerce products refer to the infrastructure, mobile apps, and integrations offered by Shetewy Pay, which enable businesses and individuals to easily sell online.
Shetewy Pay provides a simple monthly subscription-based pricing model for most of our services, without any hidden charges like transaction fees, annual support fees, or termination fees. Visit Pricing.
Shetewy Pay e-commerce website and/or or E-Marketplace can be delivered to you within 1-2 days. After customization, you can start selling online and earning revenue immediately with your payment integrations.
You can contact Shetewy Pay through our support email [email protected] or through Shetewy Pay social media accounts, contact form and live support section on our website.
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